Do Girls Like Muscles?

Posted By BATR January 2018

Introduction to - do girls like muscles?

To try and answer the question of, 'do girls like muscles?' we can tell you that as we speak, there are a group of young men packing themselves into gyms, lifting some serious poundage to build impressive bodies in the hope of catching the eye of the opposite sex. However, they be hindering rather than improving their chances.

So? do girls like muscles on men or not?

There definitely is a cut off point for women when being attracted to muscle on men. Think of how many times you have sat with your girlfriend or a female friend while browsing through your favourite muscle magazine/website pointing out a physique that you would love to have only for her to bring out the proverbial sick bucket.

As men, we struggle to compute this because we are by and large attracted to power. So when there is a champion bodybuilder displaying his massive torso with muscle packed on muscle and veins ready to burst, we associate this with ultimate physical power. Our brains work in a linear fashion like thus, ‘get that body means I will get the respect of my peers and the women will be throwing themselves at me’.

We can think like that all that we want, but it will not have the effect with women we are hoping for. Women are not linear in their thinking and as far as the girls that like muscles are concerned they definitely have their limit.

We love the muscle, do girls like muscles in the way we think they do?

It is not all bad news. In fact it is not bad news at all. The men thinking about taking steroids to increase their chances to find a potential mate should think again. Women are more attracted to men who do not take steroids and they can tell if you are on them. You often hear women saying, 'his head is too small for his body' when looking at a pharma-enhanced freak, whereas we don't quite see that. It is functional muscle they seem attracted to. They like physical strength with movement.

Therefore if you are going to do the steroids for the girls that like muscles, think again. The panacea is already within your grasp. Lift hard and heavy, eat right and do a cardiovascular based sport and you are good to go.

So do girls like muscles on men? They most certainly do, but only what god can give. Stay natural baby. You will get your girl and be a much healthier citizen.


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