The Holy Trinity Of Muscle

Posted By BATR January 2018

Introduction To - The Holy Trinity Of Muscle Building

Say it with us: Squats, Deadlifts and Benchpress. This, ladies and gentleman is known as the holy trinity of muscle building. If you are drug free and wanting to build any decent size of muscle you have to get these exercises into your workout routine. How you do this is up to you.

Why Is The Holy Trinity Of Muscle Building So Important?

Well here at BATR our focus is to see how manipulating certain hormones can result in new muscle growth. We are mainly concerned with how outside agents like anabolic Steroids can help what is already in the body achieve greater muscle mass. However if there is a way to grow new muscle in a natural way, (without anabolic steroids) we are all ears. The holy trinity of muscle building will get this done. How so?

There are two important hormones when it comes to staying lean and growing muscle namely; Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Testosterone. Most workout plans with weights will invoke these two powerful hormones, however, like us you will want to know what exercises do it best.

Why The Holy Trinity Of Muscle Building Status For The Squats, Deadlifts And BenchPress?

These three exercise deserve celestial status because they demand the biggest reaction from the body and call upon all of the body's HGH and Testosterone reserves to perform efficiently. These are called compound exercises. The reason being that one muscle literally compounds on one another.

The Squat

Lets take the king of them all, the squat. Visualise this exercise in your head for a minute. Lets take a moderate weight for the average gym user (100 kg, two plates either side). Now lets unlock the rack and begin to squat down. We feel the weight on our traps and we (with control) squat down to the parallel or beyond. On making our move back up is where the magic happens. First the calves push then our hamstrings get involved, then our glutes, thighs and last our back and shoulders. Six muscle groups in one exercise! There could be more, but that is what one feels. You would need six isolation exercises to do the same thing that you have just done with one exercise! Is it any wonder that the body reacts in such a big way?

Now that we are aware that there are so many muscles getting worked, your weight and rep scheme will determine how you get bigger and stronger from it. To use bodybuilding parlance, what gets ‘the most bang for your buck!’

The Most Bang For Your Buck

There are many schools of thought of how to get the compounds to really work for you. The great bodybuilder, ‘Tom Platz’ was famous for his 20 rep scheme on the squats. However we believe he is the exception, rather than the rule. That is not to say don’t try it, feel free to experiment with your set and rep ranges, however for high rep schemes most of us mortals out there will just get sore and fatigued.

What Is A Good Rule To Follow?

That being said, what would be a good rule to follow? Well have you seen a skinny man squat say five hundred pounds? No, neither have we. You have to lift big, to get big. Work your way up to ninety percent of your one rep max (to avoid injury) and progress from there.

Where Does HGH And Testosterone Come Into This?

If you look around the web and magazines you will see bizarre headlines like, ‘you want bigger arms – squat!’

What they mean is, if you really want bigger arms or any body part bigger for that matter, you start with your compound of your choice then you use the HGH spike from the compound exercise for your isolation exercise like dumbbell curls. The thinking behind it is you get your whole body bigger with the compound and the muscle group of your choice is then shaped with the isolation.

Take these secrets from the holy trinity of muscle building and see what you can do. If this leads to you walking about big and ripped without the use of PEDs be sure to, ‘pay it forward'.


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