To Juice Or Not To Juice?
Now, That Is The Question

Posted By BATR January 2018


Picture the familiar scene. You have worked hard in the gym for years. You have tried all the workout programs and all the diets but progress seems too hard to come by. You get talking to some guys at the gym that are doing rather well despite their advancing years. One of them mentions off-hand that you should, 'stop being a girl and get on the juice'. You don't say anything but continue with your workout. After your shower and your post workout meal you open up your laptop and begin to search the web for what he meant. You find that he was of course using bodybuilding vernacular for taking anabolic steroids.

The Warning

Here at Boys And Their Roids (BATR), we will never condone the use of these powerful drugs outside medical needs, however, if you are clear you want to go down this route for your muscle pursuits then we are here to help you be as smart about it as you can. The key is to research, research and research some more. For many this is unknown territory so be careful. To emphasise this point, the late great champion bodybuilder from Arnold Schwarzenegger's era (Steve Michalik), 'once I used them I was hooked.........I couldn't come off because I felt like garbage.' The warning is out there.

You Can Live A Long Life

In spite of all this and as controversial as this may sound we do believe you can use these drugs and still live a long life, however, this doesn't mean that we condone their use. The evidence is out there to suggest our opinion has validity. Look at the some of the top sports and film stars that have admitted to their use and are still here today (some in their 70s) in spite of everyone saying they would be dead by the time they hit forty.

Not So Good For The Professional Bodybuilders/Wrestlers

On the other hand there has been some tragic losses due to the abuse of these illicit Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) in professional bodybuilding and professional wrestling circuit. Although as far as wrestling's concerned, the feedback from fellow professional wrestlers and doctors involved in the sport is that it is too difficult to say that the deaths are totally due to steroid abuse. The posthumous wrestlers in question usually had a concoction of different drugs in their system due to the stress of the lifestyle. There is literally no 'off-season' in their line of work. This may be why we are witnessing the surge in popularity of WWE's (the most popular wrestling federation) competitors like GFW. These guys are not as big and are more athletic than the WWE competitors perhaps suggesting their use of PED's is far less or maybe even drug free. Maybe the wrestling profession is listening at last?

You May Not Die But.........

Right, you may not die from the use of these drugs but is that a reason strong enough to proceed? In a word, no. The potential side effects that you may have to live with can be absolutely horrendous.

So what are the side effects? They have been well documented, the list is almost endless. In no particular order they are; liver toxicity, cholesterol problems, erection difficulties, too high a sex drive, too low a sex drive, heart attacks, stroke, severe acne and on and on it goes. You will notice that the list of side effects are all physical. However, we are of the opinion that these side effects pale into insignificance to the mental side effects because it is the severe mental side effects that eventually cause the physical ones. Let us try to explain that statement.


To begin to understand these powerful drugs completely, not only do they induce physical changes but they can change the way you think as well. The physical side effects get so much press and media attention that many articles do not mention the psychological effects.

For those that are unaware, dopamine is the body’s natural feel good chemical. If you have a bout of great news and feel almost euphoric, dopamine is responsible for this feeling in the body. The dance and club drugs like, ‘Ecstasy and Cocaine’ all work with the body to induce a short-term rise in dopamine. Hence why they are so popular.

What is this got to do with anabolic steroids we hear you say?

Well, studies have shown that long-term use of anabolic steroids can bring a steady increase in dopamine that it changes your brain’s chemical structure while on them (it will return to normal when you stop, but it takes a while). From the information on Dopamine, you may be forgiven for thinking this is a good thing. However, feeling euphoric all the time and invincible will lead to pretty strange decisions in one’s life and equally crazy reactions to everyday situations.

The Cycles Are The True Test

Steroids from the users in bodybuilding are done in cycles. Usually 12 weeks on and the same time off and repeat. If one sticks to this, it will help to control all the nasty physical side effects, however so many users cannot do this. The reason is when once one’s cycle ends and it is time to come off the drugs, the mental problems come to the surface. The dopamine that one was getting, starts to come down and maybe even hit zero for a time. The user himself/herself starts to feel extremely low as a result because there is literally nothing in his/her body creating anything to feel good about it. Sex drive also hits the floor because the extra testosterone you were giving your body while on cycle managed to fool the body that you didn’t need any of your own, so you may not get an erection for a significant period (could be as much as six months or longer). If that is not bad enough, in a relatively short space of time you will lose nearly all your muscle gains when you were on cycle. Are we having fun yet?

Some Choose To Stay On All Year Round - What Would You Do?

Imagine having to go through all that on every ‘off’ cycle? What would you do? The vast majority cannot handle these nasty sides that they stop doing these drugs on the recommended cycle and stay on year round! Remember those nasty physical sides we talked about? Good luck with that. This is why the mental sides cause the physical ones. Be very careful out there.

So, still want to do them? To help you decide here is a well-meaning quote we came across in making potentially life-changing decisions, 'if you can deal with the worst case scenario of a decision about to be made then you can proceed, if not, then you are not ready'.


Boys And Their Roids(BATR)

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