How Much For One Ticket
To The Darkside?

Posted By BATR January 2018


Your steroid adventure is about to begin. Your proverbial bags are packed and you are ready to go. You go through your last-minute checks;

Side effects researched and pontificated to the death - check.

Anecdotal evidence from your 'performance enhanced' bodybuilder buddies - check.

The strength and weaknesses of different steroid compounds - check.

Where to get your 'gear' from - check.

Your diet nailed to get the best out your experience - check.

How much money this experience will cost me? Hmm, sort of overlooked that one.

For destination darkside, the last item on the list can often be the main obstacle for the road less travelled. Enthusiasts quite often become bogged down with the mental journey of considering if they can cope with the potential risks involved that they overlook the most fundamental point of all - can they afford the damn things?

This Could Be Expensive

We are all at different financial positions in our life, so what is one person’s 'cheap' is another's 'expensive'. However, when dealing in, ' financial averages (i.e. average income, etc)' it becomes clear that this can be a potentially expensive lifestyle. You might have inner fantasies of how you are going to look on the beach or in the club but this has to be balanced with the thought of can you afford, ‘little Jamie's’ college fund (or your own for that matter) because you have to stick needles in your butt! Got to think this through.

We at BATR can hear you now, 'I will just do to a light cycle, or stick to the beginners one'. Don't kid yourself. It is not going to happen. You know it and we know it. Progress is a human condition. You love this sport and you love the muscle. You are going to want more of a good thing and anyway as you know there will be a homeostasis effect with the compounds. You will have to take more or add in different compounds to keep getting the desired effect.

It Is All In The Selection

Furthermore, when it comes to price there are a few important things to consider; First of all - the type of steroid compounds you are going for. A good rule, broadly speaking, the more expensive a certain steroid compound is, the safer it will be. Paradoxically, going the cheaper compound route may be more expensive in the medical treatment room years later. Secondly, are you going to source the compounds from Pharma-Grade (PG) laboratories or underground (UG) labs? Users opt for the UG compounds because of the competitive price. However, PG steroids will have what is exactly on the label - UG may not. Think and research this carefully.

Do Not Forget The Food Cost

Last but not least. Food intake. Forever overlooked and could in fact be your most expensive item on the list! Make no mistake, the extra testosterone that these compounds produce is going to put your appetite through the roof! You will double your calorie input, you may even triple it! Think about it, you may spend sixty to eighty pounds/dollars a week at the moment on groceries. How does three hundred a week sound? Ouch!!

As you can see, the cost of this life mounts up. This is a lifestyle not for the faint hearted. You have to have insane amounts of desire and a little business acumen thrown in for good measure.


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