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The phrase 'safe steroids' is almost an oxymoron. Nevertheless, is there such a thing? Certainly there are steroid compounds more severe than others but it would be naïve of us at BATR to say that there are any anabolic steroids that are totally safe. Make no mistake these are powerful drugs. In fact so powerful that they can metamorphose a person with weak genetics into a freak of nature. Logic tells us there is a price to pay if anything is able to do that.

How can we make steroids safer to use?

Anabolic steroid users adhering to sensible protocol is probably the difference in making these drugs safe or unsafe. However, once a person begins, sensible usage will be hard to stick to because of the positive changes these drugs can induce. When one sees the gains one can make it will be very easy to get into the mindset that, 'more is better'.

That being said, a better understanding of the endocrine system of the body will help the user to stick to best practise and make an informed choice of which Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) to take.

The Endocrine System

In short, the body’s endocrine system consists of glands and ducts that make and release certain important hormones to the body. The pituitary gland is perhaps the most important one to a bodybuilder. In men, when testosterone is all used up in the body, the pituitary gland sends signals to the testicles to start replacing the used testosterone. Thus, after a heavy weight workout, through rest and recovery the pituitary gland releases the body's own Growth Hormone (GH) and replenishes the used testosterone enabling the body to come back bigger and stronger than before.

Experienced trainers will note that the body only has a finite amount of these natural powerful hormones to call upon so it is not unusual to enter a period of training were there are no gains.

What Steroids To Take?

Thus, the idea (or should be) is if you are disillusioned by your perceived lack of progress and feel it is time to go down the performance enhancement route then you should select compounds that minimise the interruption of the aforementioned endocrine system.

This, ‘road less travelled’ could be the beginning of the end so think carefully and do your research. If you are going to proceed with this potentially dangerous step, do not get duped into going for the more popular steroids because of the easily availability and the competitive price. They are sure to create havoc with the endocrine system which could have severe and irreversible side effects. Unfortunately it is considered better to use the more expensive anabolic steroids as they appear to have minimal interference with your precious endocrine system. The gains are slower but when you come off them you get to keep most of what you have. A, ‘win-win’ situation.


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