Posted By BATR January 2018

Introduction To - Why The Increase in use of anabolic steroids

To begin with, it is important to establish that there has in fact has been an increase in the use of anabolic steroids. Studies have estimated that the number of people in the UK that are using or have used anabolic steroids between the ages of 16 to 59 is about 250,000 people, about 0.7 of the population. In other words about 1 in 200 have used anabolic steroids. To know if this is an increase in figures from the past was very difficult to find. As a result, we believe the statistics are not high enough for the government and other agencies to grant finance for research.

Having said that, we didn't expect the numbers to be high. We are talking about drugs that enhance performance and appearance through hard exercise. Ergo, an individual would have to be involved in consistent hard exercise, in particular some sort of resistance training (although not always) to even to begin to think that anabolic steroids can aid them in their muscle pursuits. That takes most of the population out before the research begins. This is a very niche group of people.

A more important and scientific study would be to find out the number of people who exercise consistently, swaying towards the anaerobic type of training and measure the number of steroid users there. Return in ten years or so to see if the numbers have grown. However, until the government or a privately funded institution believes this is necessary then we will have to go on anecdotal or conjecture evidence.

We Believe There Has Been An Increase In Anabolic Steroids Use

In saying that, we at BATR do believe there has been a marked increase in the use of anabolic steroids and we believe the numbers are far higher than what has been suggested. The media images and the monumental surge in the fitness industry that a well muscled bodied equals a healthy/sexy one is simply too ingrained in the public domain for it not to make a massive effect. Together with this marketing image and the modern-day consumer psyche (were instant gratification is not quick enough) you have created the perfect recipe for impressionable young (predominately) men to gravitate to the warped promise that anabolic steroids brings.


We have been in gyms now for close to Twenty to Thirty years, the amount of overly muscled bodies coming through the turnstiles now is a sight to behold. Is this all in the pursuit of this marketing image? Perhaps. Although we do think it is more than pure vanity. It is about identity.

Perhaps it is due to the slow eradication of respect in our society. Perhaps a well muscled body restores that respect. Perhaps its due to the forgotten role of the alpha male. Perhaps a well muscled body brings this back. Perhaps it is building a suit of armour that no amount of abuse can conquer. Or perhaps it is just the pure unadulterated love for the opportunity to build a three hundred pound muscled machine. Whatever it is and whatever one does please stay healthy, stay safe and stay smart.


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