Has Muscle Lost Its Wow

Posted By BATR January 2018


They say there is nothing like the first time. For the world of bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the first. Well, not technically the first to try to sculpt his body using weights, but the first to bring bodybuilding to the masses. Before him, bodybuilding was not in the zeitgeist and only for the eager few. After he was done, bodybuilding became a multi-billion dollar industry. His charisma, perfect physique, monumental focus and dedication is arguably exclusively responsible for the proliferation of gyms, muscle magazines, internet muscle sites, food supplements and the like all around the world. If us at BATR could choose a bodybuilder's life it would certainly be his. It must have been a wonderful time. Pump weights all day long, load your body with pharmaceuticals, look like a Greek god and the public are none of the wiser on how you are doing it. Sponsorship deals, film scripts piling up, supermodels chasing you everywhere you go. What a life!

It Is Not The Same Now

Fast forward two or three decades and Arnold's modern-day equivalent does not quite get the same adulation. There are no film scripts any more. The problem now is the public know how he/she is doing it. Sure the hard work, dedication and diet are all to be applauded and still are. Only a few can go to the lengths required to have muscle stacked on a frame that carries under 5 per cent body fat. However, the majority of the public know you can't get there just by what, ‘God gave you’.

It is sad for the sport because it gives the untrained, lazy and ignorant a get out clause, 'He only looks like that because he takes steroids' or 'if I took the same drugs as him I would look the same.'

Come Join Us

Clearly we in the bodybuilding community know that these types of comments are completely false, however, they will not stop. As a community, it has forced us to be more introverted which is in contradiction to our extroverted physical exteriors. The Internet and information age has helped compartmentalized everything and maybe that is not a bad thing. So, if you are like us and still think muscle has not lost its wow factor then come join with us. On the other hand, if you think it has, join some other community because we do not need you.


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